EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities July 2017

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The EPS works to support its members. Find below the list of activities of the EPS Executive Committee and staff last month:

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IONS Balvanyos 2017 Conference

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The IONS Balvanyos 2017 Conference will take place from 25-28 July 2017 in Balvanyos, Romania.

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Communicating Science

By Howard Burton. Published on 19 June 2017 in:
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Communicating science is a notoriously thorny subject.   On the one hand, there has never been a greater acknowledgement of our collective need for scientific understanding.   In our technologically sophisticated age, it is often maintained, it is paramount to develop a scientifically literate society to allow us to best grapple with a litany of pressing, often science-related, issues.

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GraSPA 2017

By Lucia Di Ciaccio. Published on 25 April 2017 in:
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Registrations for the 2017 Summer School of Particle and Astroparticle Physics of Annecy-le-Vieux are now open (GraSPA 2017).

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Summer School of Science

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Applications for the Summer School of Science open. Fifth year in a row, a group of young scientists organises a Summer school of Science in Croatia. It is aimed at high-school students with strong interest in science where they get a hands-on experience working in small groups on a specific project.

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Physics for Africa: an international workshop

By Davis Sands, Linsey Clark. Published on 21 March 2017 in:
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The Physics Education Division is organising a workshop in conjunction with the Institute of Physics (IOP), London, at the forthcoming joint GIREP-EPEC-ICPE conference in Dublin (July 3-7, 2017, details available at The workshop will be led by the IOP, who have a long-standing interest in supporting physics education in Africa through their IOP for Africa programme.

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IONS conferences

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The large-scale networking conferences of the International OSA Network of Students (IONS®) are “organized by students, for students”. The 2017 European meeting will be hosted for the first time by the Romanian OSA and SPIE Student Chapters as well as the European Physical Society (EPS) Young Minds Section of the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR), and co-hosted by the Ukrainian OSA Student Chapter of the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics in Balvanyos (RO) from 25-28 July 2017. 

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SigmaPhi2017 Europhysics Conference – Second Call for Abstracts

By Giorgio Kaniadakis. Published on 21 March 2017 in:
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This is the Second Call for Abstracts of the International Conference SigmaPhi2017 covering all the fields of Statistical Physics. Please note that the abstracts submission deadline is 12 April 2017.

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Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics XIV

By e-EPS. Published on 23 February 2017 in:
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The international summer school “Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics” is to be held for the fourteenth time in the summer of 2017 in Bruneck, a picturesque town in the Italian Alps.

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EGAS 2017

By Simon Cornish. Published on 24 January 2017 in:
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With great pleasure, we invite you to attend EGAS 2017 – the 49th Conference of the European Group on Atomic Systems. The conference will be held at Durham University in the UK, July 17 – 21 2017.  As with previous editions, the EGAS conference will be the annual venue for meeting distinguished specialists in the field and a source of scientific inspiration.

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The biennial International EPS Conference on High Energy Physics will be held from Wednesday 5 to Wednesday 12 of July 2017 in Venice, Italy. This major conference will cover new physics results and more on Astroparticle physics and Cosmology, Neutrinos and Dark Matter, Flavour and CP violation, Standard Model and Beyond, Electroweak Symmetry  Breaking, Quantum Field and String Theory, QCD and Heavy Ions, Accelerators and Detectors, Outreach, Education, and Diversity.

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