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    Editorial – BREXIT: What’s next? | Image credit VectorOpenStock via WikiMedia Commons

    Editorial – BREXIT: What’s next?

    What a summer! After the Brexit referendum of June 23 the international events rolled in at an incredible pace ...

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    EPS awards former Institute of Physics “Historic Site” | Image credit: Rudi Merkl

    EPS awards former Institute of Physics “Historic Site”

    Great honour for the Würzburg science: The European Physical Society (EPS) has distinguished the institute where in 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered ...

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    Call for the Research into the Science of Light Prize 2017 | Image credit: EPS

    Call for the Research into the Science of Light Prize 2017

    he Quantum Electronics and Optics Division (QEOD) of the European Physical Society is presently soliciting nominations for their biennial prize Research into the Science ...

 News from the EPS 

Statement by Christophe Rossel, President of the EPS, after UK’s decision to leave the EU

The European Physical Society (EPS) regrets the outcome of the vote by the British people and their decision to leave the European Union. In spite of all possible consequences that might arise from this choice, the popular decision ...

 News from the EPS 

Nobel Prize Serge Haroche in Mulhouse for a “conférence exceptionnelle”

The Université de Haute-Alsace in Mulhouse (France) received the visit of the French Nobel Laureate Serge Haroche on 10 June 2016. During his visit, Prof. Haroche gave a lecture as the final event of the European project ...


ALMA Observes Most Distant Oxygen Ever

A team of astronomers has used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) to detect glowing oxygen in a distant galaxy seen just 700 million years after the Big Bang. This is the most distant galaxy in which oxygen has ever been ...


CERN – Statement about UK referendum on the EU

Many people have expressed their concerns about the consequences of the 23 June vote in the UK for CERN, and for the UK’s relationship with CERN. CERN is an intergovernmental organisation subject to its own treaty. We are not part of the European ...

 News from the EPS 

EPS Young Minds and the IONS Naples 2016 meeting

The Naples Young Minds (YM) EPS section hosted the IONS 2016 meeting, held in Naples from 6th to 8th July 2016. IONS the International OSA Network of Students, was started in 2007 by the Optical Society (OSA). The network is open to all young scientists working ...

 News from the EPS 

Creation of an Expert Group on Altmetrics and Contribution of the EPS

DG Research and Innovation has established an Expert Group on Altmetrics which will conduct its work over the whole of 2016.
The Expert Group will, among other:
Categorise and review different ...


NASA’s Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter

After an almost five-year journey to the solar system’s largest planet, NASA's Juno spacecraft successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit during a 35-minute engine burn. Confirmation that the burn had completed was received on Earth at 8:53 p.m. PDT (11:53 p.m. ...


IUPAC is naming the four new elements nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson

Following earlier reports that the claims for discovery of these elements have been fulfilled, the discoverers have been invited to propose names ...

 News from Europe 

Hommage to José Mariano Gago – Science and Europe

On June 29, a conference in honour of the life and legacy of the late José Mariano Gago (1948-2015) took place in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was organised by Ciência Viva. At this occasion government leaders, policy makers, international ...

 Featured in EPL 

EPS Executive & Staff activity for June 2016

The EPS works to support its members. Click here for the list of the activities of EPS Executive Committee and staff for the last month...

Europhoton 2016

The 7th Europhoton conference organised by the EPS Quantum-Optics and Electronics Division  [EPS QEOD] will focus on "Solid State, Fibre, and Waveguide Coherent ...


The 12th European Conference on Atoms Molecules and Photons [ECAMP12] will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from September 5-9, 2016. The conference venue will ...

2nd International Conference on the History of Physics

The 2nd International Conference on the History of Physics is organised in Pöllau, Austria, from 5-7 september 2016.


The 26th Conference of the Condensed Matter Division [CMD26], to be held in Groningen, the Netherlands, from 5-9 September 2016, will encompass all areas of ...


The 18th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions, HCI-2016, will be held from 11 to 16 September 2016 in Kielce, Poland.

13th SPARC Topical Workshop

The 13th SPARC Topical Workshop will take place between 16th and 20th September 2016 at Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics of the Jagiellonian University in ...

ECOC2016: CLEO/Europe Focus Meeting

Following on from successful conferences held since 2006, the European Physical Society and CLEO®/Europe-EQEC in collaboration with the Chairs of ECOC 2016 are ...

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