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    Editorial - EPS Young Minds in the Council Meeting | Image credit: EPS Young Minds

    Editorial - EPS Young Minds in the Council Meeting

    Young Minds (YM) is an excellent opportunity for physics students to develop skills and contacts that will be useful in their careers. Public engagement through the ...

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    2017 EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Division prizes | Image credit: EPS/EPS HEPPD

    2017 EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Division prizes

    The 2017 EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Division prizes have been announced. The six winners will be presented during the EPS HEP2017 conference, in Venice ...

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    Two Prestigious Prizes in Quantum Electronics and Optics awarded | Image credit: EPS/N. van Hulst and V. Malka

    Two Prestigious Prizes in Quantum Electronics and Optics awarded

 News from the EPS 

EPS and SEENET-MTP Network strengthen their cooperation

The cooperation between EPS and the South-Eastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (SEENET-MTP) was established almost a decade ago and was further reinforced at the Kick-off Meeting of the EPS Committee of European Integration (EPS-CEI) ...

 News from the EPS 

Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of EPJ

The European Physical Journal (EPJ) consists of a series of high-quality peer-reviewed journals (8 traditional and 8 open access) covering the whole spectrum of pure and applied physics and related interdisciplinary subjects.

 News from Europe 

ELI-ALPS opening ceremony

On May 23rd 2017 took place in Szeged, in the presence of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, the Opening Ceremony of ELI-ALPS (Extreme Light Infrastructure-Attosecond Light Pulse Source).

 News from Europe 

Report on the FCC Week 2017 in Berlin

The 3rd meeting of the worldwide Future Circular Collider (FCC week 2017) brought together more than 500 leading minds in engineering and science from 147 institutes to discuss the progress of the present study and lay the foundations for the FCC ...

 News from Europe 

More than 2,000 visitors at the ALBA Open Day

The ALBA Open Day, organised every year by the ALBA Synchrotron, was again a full success. From 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. more than 2,000 people visited ALBA's facilities to have a better knowledge of its characteristic and functions.

 News from the EPS 

6th EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting

The University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) hosted the 6th Young Minds Leadership Meeting (12-13 May 2017) and the 15th Young Minds Action Committee Meeting (11 May 2017).
The meeting was organised by the Physics and Optics Naples Young...


Triangular Current Profile for Future High-energy Accelerators

Beam-driven, collinear wakefield acceleration is one of the most promising methods proposed for the next generation of high-energy physics accelerators.


24-hour broadcast about space on Asteroid Day

On 30 June, asteroids will make history as the focus of a conversation shared around the world on the first ever global 24-hour broadcast about space and the role of asteroids in our solar system.

 IYL 2015 

Planning begins for the first International Day of Light in 2018

Following the highly successful International Year of Light 2015, the Executive Board of UNESCO has endorsed an annual International Day of Light.

 Featured in EPN 

EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities May 2017

The EPS works to support its members. Click here for the list of the activities of EPS Executive Committee and ...

CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017

The programme committee members together with the conference chairs are happy to announce CLEO®/Europe - EQEC 2017, the Conference on Lasers and...

EGAS 2017

With great pleasure, we invite you to attend EGAS 2017, the 49th Conference of the European Group on Atomic Systems. The conference will be held at Durham ...

Communicating Science

Communicating science is a notoriously thorny subject. On the one hand, there has never been a greater acknowledgement of our collective need for ...

Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics XIV

The international summer school "Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics" is to be held for the fourteenth time in the summer of 2017 in Bruneck, a picturesque town ...

Summer School of Science

Applications for the Summer School of Science open. Fifth year in a row, a group of young scientists organises a Summer school of Science in Croatia.

Young Physicists at CMD 27

EPS Young Minds and the Young DPG are organising a specific programme for young physicists (Master students, graduate students, post-docs) at CMD 27.

EPS Condensed Matter Division : CMD 27 – DPG Spring meeting : call for session proposals

The next conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the EPS, CMD 27, will be held jointly with the Spring ...