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    Editorial - I have worked for a learned society | Image credit: EPS/B.Huchet

    Editorial - I have worked for a learned society

    The EPS hired me during the very cold winter 2012 and I am going to leave my position of communication coordinator by the end of this summer. I already cast...

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    E-ELT gets off the ground | Image credits: ESO/L. Calcada

    E-ELT gets off the ground

    On June 2014, an explosion disturbed the silence of the Acatama Desert in Chile. Part of the 3000-metre peak of Cerro Armazones was blasted away in order to prepare...

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    Portuguese research re-evaluated | Image credits: Public Domain

    Portuguese research re-evaluated

    To grant 322 scientific proposals for the next 5 years, the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation [FCT] worked together with the European...

 IYL 2015 

International Year of Light News

SIF launched an IYL 2015 webpage
On the occasion of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies in 2015 [IYL 2015], the Italian Physical Society [SIF] is...

Dark Skies awareness activities
The IAU will promote 5 cornerstone projects (namely Quality Lighting Teaching Kits...

 News from Europe 

The LHC is waking up

Many theories consider sleeping as a boost in human performance. This is exactly what is happening at the LHC at CERN. After almost 2 years of silent signal, sections of the LHC are reactivated one by one with upgraded performance. The wake-up period will last for the next few months until...

 News from Europe 

Rosetta has arrived at the comet

"We are delighted to announce finally 'we are here'," says Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA’s Director General. After 10 years of travelling through the solar system, the ESA' Rosetta spacecraft began its manoeuvre to orbit the Comet 67P/Churyumov...

 News from Europe 

SCOAP3: more than 2000 Open Access articles online

Two thousand Open Access articles have been published with SCOAP3 funding since January 2014 in 10 journals from 11 publishers and learned societies. These articles are released under a CC-BY license, and available on the SCOAP3 repository...

 News from Europe 

M. Meedom Nielsen and L. Börjesson elected by and for the European XFEL

The European XFEL welcomed Martin Meedom Nielsen as its Council Chairman, and Lars Börjesson as Council Vice Chairman. The two newly appointed persons begin their mandates during a period...


Is scientific integrity threatened by US sanctions against Iran?

Scientific activities are not isolated from the societal activities. Economic crisis, wars, support grants, policy etc. can influence working conditions for scientists.
Recently, the US strengthened...

 News from the EPS 

EPS supports your events

The EPS Conference Department is open to organise and manage events for the EPS divisions and groups. With over 10 years of experience, the conference team can manage all aspects of your conference or event – ensuring that it runs smoothly, looks professional and stays within...

 News from the EPS 

Dedicated to EPS Individual Members

Announced and implemented!
Yes, EPS Individual Members can access for free, from the EPS web page, the current latest issues of two appealing journals.
The first is the European Journal of Physics [EJP] , dedicated to...

 News from the EPS 

Prize for Research into the Science of Light call

The European Physical Society [EPS] Prize for Research into the Science of Light is awarded on behalf of the EPS through its Quantum Electronics & Optics Division [QEOD]. The prize is awarded every 2 years in recognition of recent work by...

 Featured in EPN 

Executive and Staff activity for July 2014

The EPS works to support its members. Click here for the list of the activities of EPS Executive Committee and staff for the last month...

VI EPS Forum Physics and Society

The VI EPS Forum Physics and Society will be held on 2-3 October 2014 in Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting, organised by the Forum on Physics and Society of...

Channeling 2014

The 6th International Conference "Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena" [Channeling 2014] will be held in Capri, Italy, from 5-10 October 2014...

Conference on Science and Technology for FAIR 2014

The International Conference on Science and Technology for FAIR in Europe 2014 will be held in Worms...

18th ISQE’2014

The 18th International School on Quantum Electronics "Laser Physics and Applications" [18th ISQE'2014] will be held from 29 September to 3 October 2014 in Sozopol...


The 5th International Topical Meeting on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials [NANOMETA 2015] will take place from 5-8 January 2015 in Seefeld, Austria...


The Nuclear Physics in Astronomy VII conference [NPA VII] will be held in York, United-Kingdom, from 18-22 May 2015...

CLEO®/Europe – EQEC 2015

The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics [CLEO®/Europe] and the European Quantum Electronics Conference [EQEC] 2015 will be held...

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