Mini-workshop at JINR for the 72th NPD-EPS board meeting

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The 72nd board of the Nuclear Physics Division (NPD) of the European Physical Society (EPS) was held on 27-29 September 2016 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, RU).

For this meeting, a one-day mini-workshop on the current status and scientific perspectives of JINR was organized. JINR is an international intergovernmental organization with 18 member states and 6 associated states from Europe, Asia and Latin America,which collaborates with more than 700 research centres.

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The JINR Director, Victor Matveev, opened the workshop, giving an impressive overview of the recent developments of JINR, which has received continuous strong support from member states including federal Russian funds in the last years.

An outstanding presentation was made by Y. Oganessian on the low energy heavy ion physics at JINR and in particular on the discovery of new heavy elements, in which JINR has played a major role in the world.

The most important ongoing project of JINR, the Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility (NICA), was presented by V. Kekelidze. NICA will address fundamental issues like the study of new phases of baryonic matter, the unpolarized and polarized nucleon structure and the symmetry violations in strong interactions. The heavy ion program at NICA is foreseen to start before 2020 with a Multi-Purpose Detector (MPD) currently under construction. The polarized beam research program is scheduled to start around 2023, which will require the creation of a new collaboration.

Other important fields of JINR research, like nuclear theory, neutron nuclear physics, reactor neutrino physics and applied nuclear physics were also discussed.

Important activities of the PNPI NRC Kurchatov Institute at Gatchina (RU), with a neutron spallation source, and at NRC Kurchatov Institute Moscow (RU), were presented as well.

The workshop was completed by a visit to many working facilities of JINR, including the Cyclotron complex, the neutron pulse reactor IBR-2, the Intense resonance neutron source IREN, the Nuclotron, the Phasatron for medical therapy, and some of those under construction like NICA and the Super-Heavy Element factory SHE.

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