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Nominations for Editor in Chief of EPL are still open. See here for details.

Supplementary material: A revised version of the guidelines referring to the material content and type allowed as supplementary to an article is now available.

EPL has joined the world of Twitter. This new account provides us with an excellent opportunity to increase engagement with authors and visibility of EPL content within the physics community. Please take the time today to follow the account at @epl_journal and share it with your colleagues and networks.

Congratulations to Professor Jo Dunkley on receiving the Rosalind Franklin Award 2016 from the Royal Society. The Royal Society Award is for her research in cosmic microwave background research and for her innovative project to support and encourage girls studying physics. She has recently relocated from Oxford to become Professor of physics & astrophysical sciences at Princeton University. An EPL Perspective article by Professor Dunkley on the Cosmic Microwave Background is available here.

Ugo Fano Symposium 2016 – on Quantum matter and quantum optics will be held on 19-21 December 2016 in Rome. Professor Sir John Pendry (Imperial College, London) has been nominated as the winner of the Ugo Fano Gold Medal 2016 for the physics of metamaterials. The Prize Award Ceremony will take place on Dec 19th 2016 at the Aula Marconi, CNR Headquarters, Rome.

EPS CMD Europhysics Prize – one of Europe’s most prestigious prizes in the field of condensed matter physics. EPL is a co-sponsor of this prize awarded every 2 years in recognition of recent work by one or more individuals for scientific excellence in the area of condensed matter physics. This year the award went to 5 researchers studying a magnetic skyrmion phase in MnSi, a new state of matter. Details can be found here.

EPS Young Minds Project – EPL provides the Best Activity Award (€500) at the annual EPS Young Minds event. This year the award went to the PONYS (Physics & Optics Naples Young Students) section for activities carried out in the field of outreach, professional development and networking.

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The European Physical Society would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and support throughout 2016.

The EPS secretariat will be closed between Christmas and New Year.