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You can locate the most recent updates and changes at EPL from the homepage.

Perspectives – a second article has now been published “High-intensity laser-atom interactions” by Charles Joachain.

The final EPL Newsletter for this year will be distributed shortly – make sure you are signed up to receive it; all back issues are also available online. Many of the compilation pages have been updated making it easier for you to find an article relating to your research; new compilations include “Geophysics” and “Semiconductors”.

EPL will continue to provide support or awards for young researchers at certain events during 2015 and will have an exhibition stand at many events – see the Events Calendar webpage for more details.

Note that print subscribers to EPL from 2015 onwards will receive 12 print copies (one per month) each containing 2 issues of the journal instead of 24 print copies of individual issues.

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