The March for Science in France: a great success

By Luc Bergé. Published on 22 May 2017 in:
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The day before the first round of the presidential election in France was also the day of the ‘March for Science’. One might have feared a massive abstention for this last event. This was not the case.

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Launch of the committee “Lumière et Société”

By Gina Gunaratnam. Published on 25 April 2017 in:
April 2017, , ,

In 2015, the International Year of Light (IYL2015) encountered a big success in France. Hundreds of events organised through the country touched thousands of people and saw the emergence of a community driven by projects involving light.

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Optics in Aquitaine

By Luc Bergé. Published on 26 April 2016 in:
April 2016, , , , , ,

Aquitaine, a sunny paradise in the South West of France, is well-known for its splendid landscapes surrounding the Arcachon Bay, its rich history including early contributions to building Europe through Aliénor and Henry II of England, and its exceptional wines unrivaled worldwide.

Aquitaine attracts the light and its capital, Bordeaux, creates a vibrant and outstanding place for optical sciences.

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France inaugurates APOLLON Laser

By Luc Bergé, Sylvie Jacquemot. Published on 22 October 2015 in:
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The summer of the International Year of Light ended brilliantly in France.
After PETAL’s achievement celebrated in mid-September near Bordeaux (see related e-EPS news of this issue), the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) together with Université Paris-Saclay (which includes the Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA, IOGS and the Université Paris-Sud) inaugurated the APOLLON laser facility on the 29th of October 2015. This inauguration took place in the presence of the French State Secretary for Higher Education and Research, Mr. Thierry Mandon, the Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Regional …

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International Year of Light news

By Agnès Henri. Published on 27 January 2015 in:
2015, IYL 2015, January 2015, News, ,

The Opening Ceremony of the “Année Internationale de la Lumière 2015 en France” (International Year of Light in France 2015) took place in Paris on 8 January 2015 in the lecture hall of the University of Sorbonne under the patronage of France’s President François Hollande.
This prestigious place saw great names of the physics community such as Noble Prize winner Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and Serge Haroche, as well as Alain Aspect from the Académie des Sciences and Gérard Mourou from the Ecole Polytechnique, deliver brilliant presentations.

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 IYL 2015 


By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 26 May 2014 in:
Events, June 2014, May 2014, , , , ,

The International School and Workshop on Electronic Crystals [ECRYS-2014] will be held in Cargèse, France, from 11-23 August 2014.

ECRYS-2014 will continue the series of triennial conferences on electronic crystals, which have been organized since 1993 in France. As the cross-community research school, ECRYS 2014 aims to bring together young researchers as well as PhD students to exchange information regarding the inter-disciplinary field of electronic crystals…

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France supports the European XFEL

By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 26 March 2014 in:
March 2014, News, , ,

With a contribution of 36 million euro toward the facility’s construction, France has officially joined the European XFEL as a shareholder country. France joins the 12 countries that have signed the European XFEL convention.
The European XFEL, currently under construction in the Hamburg area, will be an international research facility of superlatives: 27.000 X-ray flashes per second and a brilliance that is a billion times higher than that of the best conventional X-ray sources will open up completely new opportunities for science. The facility starts user operation in 2017…

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Advanced Solid-State Lasers

By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 26 July 2013 in:
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The Advanced Solid-State Lasers congress [ASSL] will be held in Paris, France, from 27 October to 1 November 2013.

This new congress combines the significant research from the topical meetings formally known as Advanced Solid-State Photonics [ASSP], Advances in Optical Materials [AIOM], and Fiber Laser Applications [FILAS].

Topics will cover materials, sources and applications of solid-state lasers. A detailed description of the programme and the congress scope is available on the ASSL website…

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‘Refuge des Cosmiques’ laboratory declared EPS Historic Site

By Ian Randall. Published on 19 July 2012 in:
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The high altitude Laboratory ‘Refuge des Cosmiques’ is being declared a Historic Site of the European Physical Society [EPS] later this month. Located on the slopes of the Col du Midi – near Mont Blanc – at 3,613 metres above sea level, the laboratory was designed to study cosmic rays and their potential applications for nuclear physics.

A plaque will be unveiled at the laboratory, on the morning of 23 July, detailing the location’s relevance to the history of physics. This recognition of the site is especially fitting this year…

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EPL Editor in Chief

By e-EPS. Published on 22 May 2012 in:
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Position: Editor in Chief, EPL
Company: European Physical Society
Location: France

Nominations are now open for the position of Editor in Chief of EPL. EPL – formerly Europhysics Letters – is a leading global letters journal, owned and published by a consortium of 17 physical societies from across Europe…

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Morning on Open Access Gold model

By Martina Knoop. Published on 15 February 2012 in:
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A half-day session on the Open Access Gold model was organised on 19 January this year, at the Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris. The meeting, an initiative of the French Physical Society [SFP], was the first step in launching a discussion on the changing business models of French physics publications.

The event opened with an introduction to an innovative business model, SCOAP3, by CERN’s Jens Vigen; this was followed by a presentation on the current situation at the European Commission [EC], by the EC Open Access Policy…

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Conférences Exceptionelles

By Dominique Bolmont & Martin Huber. Published on 20 January 2012 in:
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The Conférences Exceptionelles are organised jointly by the European Physical Society and their host, the Université de Haute Alsace, each spring and autumn. These lectures, which are given in French by an outstanding physicist, address young students from around Mulhouse: both those taking their baccalauréat, in school, and university students in their introductory semesters.

Each lecture covers a topic close to physics, yet with general interest as well; they may come from art, life sciences…

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