New booklet – Accelerators: powering cutting-edge research

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“Accelerators: powering cutting-edge research” is a booklet, prepared by the Science and Technology Facilities Council in collaboration with the Institute of Physics and the Cockcroft Institute. It explains what a particle accelerator does and examines its many different uses, from medical treatments to environmental impact.

The pdf version can be downloaded (9 MB) here.
Publications 2014 from the IOP can be found here.

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During the EPS Council held from 4 to 5 April in Trieste, Italy, the delegates voted for an increase of the fees for Individual Members. The categories of EPS membership, as well as the new fees are shown below.

Categories of EPS membership
Category 3A - individuals who are also members of an EPS Member Society
Category 3B - individuals who are members of an EPS Collaborating Society