Editorial – the impact of BREXIT on physics from a UK perspective

By France Saunders. Published on 27 September 2016 in:
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On the evening of the 23 June 2016, I was at an Awards Dinner for the Royal Academy of Engineering, which is held each year to recognise excellence in engineering of all varieties. Talking to colleagues around the table that night, the majority were sure that the UK electorate would vote to remain in the EU. Although only one person I talked to admitted to having voted to leave, I was not convinced that this was going to be such an easy victory for the Remain Campaign. I had been worried for some time that many people from “my generation”, who had voted to join the European Community in the last referendum in 1975, were coming out in force to reverse that decision.

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Researchers’ Night in Debrecen, Hungary

By János Tomán, Bence Godó. Published on 26 November 2013 in:
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The University of Debrecen has been participating in European Researchers’ Night for many years. The Debrecen Young Minds section also participated, offering activities in five different themes.

In the park of the Nuclear Research Centre [Atomki], people could try the water bottle rocket built by a student in electric engineering. Not far from there under the attacks of giant bubbles one could submerge his/her hands into a big bowl of oobleck (a non-newtonian suspension of cornstarch and water). Entering the building a few students and…

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