MCDA and EPS Young Minds section in Morocco – converting Kerosene lamps

By Ahmed Ouarab. Published on 22 May 2017 in:
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During the first week of April 2017, the associations MCDA, Migrations Co-developpement Alsace (1) and Liter of light France (2), in close cooperation with the new EPS Young Minds Beni-Mellal section, replaced Kerosene lamps by solar lamp kits in families using this fossil energy lighting.

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 News from the EPS 

Solar Power to the People

By Gina Gunaratnam. Published on 23 August 2016 in:
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The Council of the European Physical Society, held in Mulhouse on 1-2 April 2016, welcomed a round-table on the theme “Physics for Development”.  Several associations and organisations were invited to present their projects: Sunshine4Palestine and Liter of Light, as well as the Basic Science Programme at UNESCO, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics [ICTP] and the International Astronomical Union [IAU].

Lucie Baron, business developer at the French branch of Liter of Light, was one of the invited speakers.

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OpenLab: a specific action targeting developing countries

By François Piuzzi. Published on 23 August 2016 in:
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The OpenLab was initiated by the International Union of Crystallography and UNESCO. It is on of the most successful recent initiatives in the development of physics in developing countries.

This initiative was launched in the frame mark of the International Year of Crystallography. It was made possible due to the strong involvement of Claude LECOMTE, deputy chairman of the International Union of Crystallography [IUCr] and the partnership of dedicated sponsors, generally manufacturers of equipment for crystallography such Agilent, Antonpaar,  Brucker, Dectris, Incoatec, Oxford Cryosystems, PANalytical, Rigoku,  STOE, Xenocs.

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1st EPS Conference on Physics for Development

By Martina Knoop. Published on 26 October 2012 in:
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Convinced by the need to put forward common solutions, the EPS Physics for Development Group [EPS PDG] organized the first EPS Conference on Physics for Development.

The declared aim of the conference was to bring together a large audience of stakeholders, decision makers and concerned physicists from various countries to discuss important issues regarding the role of physics in economic and social development. The Conference focused on issues such as the coordination of existing efforts and programmes, …

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 News from the EPS 

Physics for Development Conference

By Ian Randall. Published on 28 August 2012 in:
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The first Physics for Development Conference is being held at the Palais des Académies, in Brussels, on 11-12 October this year. The meeting – which will look at research and teaching in those countries with a low overall standard of physics funding – aims to create innovative approaches in this area to benefit the global physics community.

The event – which is being organised by the Physics for Development group of the European Physical Society – is sponsored by the CEA and Horiba Jobin Yvon…

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