New from the Netherlands’Physical Society – Science Tournament

By NNV. Published on 26 May 2015 in:
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On 4 June 2015, the national final of the nation-wide Science Tournament “Techniek Toernooi” will take place in the Netherlands.

The Science Tournament started at local schools. Pupils are encouraged to engage in technical experimentation, following a carefully designed work schedule. This way, they learn about scientific principles, they can develop their creativity and they experience that science is not scary and strange but fun, actually.

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Editorial – National Strengths

By John Dudley. Published on 27 May 2013 in:
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The European Physical Society [EPS] has a unique character amongst international learned societies. It fulfills a central federative role supporting its national member societies and it also carries out many highly successful specific European-scale actions through its Divisions and Groups, its conferences and its publications.

At first sight, it may seem that managing this dual role is intrinsically difficult but I cannot help but think that we make it more complicated than it really is. After all, the goal of the EPS is to support European-scale physics so…

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Cyprus Physicists Society to join the European Physical Society

By Luisa Cifarelli, David Lee. Published on 29 April 2013 in:
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The Cyprus Physicists Society [CPS] was presented at EPS Council 2013 as a possible new – the 42nd – Member Society of the EPS.

The CPS president, Dr. Manolis Lioudadkis illustrated the history, membership and activities of this small society. With around 300 members, mostly pre-university teachers, the CPS is engaged in many education and outreach programmes, such as F1 for schools and the International Physics Olympiads…

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