Pioneering SESAME light source circulates first beam

By SESAME. Published on 24 January 2017 in:
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Allan, Jordan, 12 January 2017. A beam circulated for the first time in the pioneering SESAME synchrotron at 18:12 (UTC+3) yesterday. The next step will be to store the beam.

This is an important milestone on the way to research getting underway at the first light-source laboratory in the Middle East. SESAME was established under the auspices of UNESCO before becoming a fully independent intergovernmental organisation in its own right in 2004.

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ELI-ALPS 2nd User Workshop

By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 25 July 2014 in:
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The 2nd User Workshop of the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Attosecond Light Pulse Source [ELI-ALPS] will be held in Szeged, Hungary, from 11-12 September 2014.
The ELI-ALPS based in Szeged, Hungary, is part of the ESFRI roadmap that will be the first international facility with the mission to make a wide range of ultrafast light sources accessible to international user groups. ELI-ALPS is expected to be partially available in 2016, while it will become fully operational for user-based research in 2018.
The 2nd User Workshop focuses on…

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