EAS’s recommendations on Open Access

By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 26 March 2014 in:
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The European Astronomical Society [EAS] published a report entitled “Exploring the road to Open Access Publishing”. The report examines many aspects of open access with regard to publishing in the domain of astronomy, and provides 6 recommendations.
The EAS report explores the benefits and limitations of open access publication. The recurrent and main concern is the financial uncertainty arising from the transition from the traditional system and open access publication.
The conclusions of the report underline the importance of informing the members of the scientific community…

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EAS-EPS: collaboration in the sky

By Luisa Cifarelli & Thierry Courvoisier. Published on 01 May 2011 in:
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We could debate endlessly as to whether astronomy is physics applied to the cosmos, and the objects found therein, or whether physics is a special branch of astrophysics, one that deals with the phenomena accessible to the laboratory. What is certain is that both sciences have deep common roots.

The communities of (particle) physics and astrophysics are getting closer now, not only in their intellectual goals, but also through the development and use of common tools, like ground based or space borne telescopes, and laboratory…

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