EPS Nuclear Physics Division: call for nominations for the 2018 PhD Prize

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The board of the European Physical Society (EPS) Nuclear Physics Division calls for nominations for the 2015-2017 European Nuclear Physics Thesis Award. Nominations are open to any person who has received a PhD degree in experimental, theoretical or applied nuclear physics in a country which is member of the EPS and where the degree has been awarded within the three-year period 1st January 2015 – 31st December 2017. The award recognises the excellence of a recent PhD in Nuclear Physics.

Nominations should include, in one PDF file, the details of the candidate, an electronic copy of the PhD, a copy of the Diploma showing the date it was awarded, a short summary (4 pages) of the Dissertation/Thesis written in English with indication of an external link (Institutional or an easily accessible commercial site) to an electronic copy of the full Thesis and links to any publication directly related to the candidate’s PhD studies, a letter of support (1 page) from the candidate’s thesis advisor, two additional letters of support (1 page each) from scientists who are familiar with the candidate and the research topic.

More detailed information about the call of the prize can be found on the website of the EPS Nuclear Physics Division.

Nominations should be submitted with the nomination form.

Contact Dr. Nicola Colonna, PhD  Thesis Prize Committee: Nicola [dot] Colonna [at] ba [dot] infn [dot] it

The deadline for the submission of the proposals is 28th February 2018.

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