EPS announces the winners of the EPS Early Career Prize

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The European Physical Society is pleased to announce that the 2017 EPS Early Career Prizes have been awarded to:

  • Joseph A. M. Paddison, for his extraordinary work to achieve understanding of the microscopic nature of complex magnetic states.

and to

  • Samuel D.  Stranks, for his seminal contributions to optical and electronic properties of hybrid perovskites, for their use in high-performance, low-cost photovoltaics and broader optoelectronic applications.

EPS Early Career Prizes recognise talented researchers who have made substantial  contributions to the development or reputation of physics in Europe. “Early Career” is defined as those  individuals  in  the  first  12  years  of  their  career  in  physics  following  their first degree or equivalent, with allowance for any career breaks.

Joe Paddison
Joe Paddison

Samuel Stranks
Samuel Stranks

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