The 2018 Roadmap of the European Strategic Forum for Research (ESFRI): Physics and Engineering

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Following the decision of the Competitiveness Council of the EU and the ESFRI forum, the roadmap for Research Infrastructures (RI) in Europe is reviewed and updated after a second year. For the new roadmap 2018, the official launching was produced at Cape Town (South Africa) in October 2016 during the ICRI conference. In practical terms, the process for presentation of new projects for RI was open after the Info Day in Malaga (Spain) on January 18, 2017. The deadline for presentation of a new project is August 31st, 2017. Details for the documentation and evaluation process can be found in the web page (, where a guide for the complete process is provided, from presentation of the Questionnaire for submission to a guide of the process, including the evaluation process and criteria.


Map of ESFRI facilities
Map of ESFRI facilities

The 2018 Roadmap of ESFRI, following the previous work of 2016, will include 3 separate pillars: the roadmap of new projects of RI, the landscape analysis (LA) and the list of successful-landmark (LM) projects already implemented in Europe. For the SWG-PSE we started the process to update the LA study of the facilities available in the different sub-areas of PSE: Astronomy and Astroparticles, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Analytical Facilities and Science of Engineering.

In parallel, we are involved in the monitoring of the projects included in the previous Roadmap 2016, which will soon reach the 10 years’ limit, in particular, the Cherenkov Telescope Project (CTA). We also started the monitoring of one project included in the LM, as a test exercise, in our case the SPIRAL 2 Project (Nuclear Physics) located in Caen (France).

 After the presentation of the new RI projects, the evaluation of new proposals will start in September 2017, with a well defined process. The convergence of the parallel process will finish with the presentation of the 2018 ESFRI ROAD in the second semester of 2018, including the new roadmap of RI for 2018, the updated Landscape Analysis and the list of success RI project as a Land Mark list of RI.

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