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We are pleased to announce that the 59th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL17) will be held at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, from 18-23 June 2017. This will be the 7th in the series of international workshops covering accelerator physics, technology and applications of Energy Recovery Linacs.

The workshop will serve as a forum for scientists and engineers from around the world to review the latest developments in ERL physics, technologies and applications, to exchange ideas and to discuss “hot topics” of this field of research. Among the issues to be addressed are:

  • beam stability in multi-pass ERLs
  • design of photoemission electron injectors
  • superconducting RF systems, beam optics
  • instrumentation
  • alignment
  • emittance requirements
  • test facilities

The talks will cover commissioning and operations experience, ERL applications and status presentations from different projects. Proceedings will be published on JACoW.

Workshop organizers:

Erk Jensen (erk [dot] jensen [at] cern [dot] ch), IOC Chair

Oliver Brüning (oliver [dot] bruning [at] cern [dot] ch), SPC Chair

Laurie Hemery (laurie [dot] hemery [at] cern [dot] ch), LOC Chair

Registration and abstract submission will open on 9 January 2017. Details of the workshop are available at:

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