EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities November 2016

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5-11 November 2016: Ahmed Ouarab, EPS IT manager, Enrique Sanchez, member of the EPS Young Minds and the EPS Young Minds Beni-Mellal Section in Morocco worked together on a project with solar lamp kits before and during the COP22 in Morocco.

9 November 2016: Christophe Rossel, EPS president, and David Lee, EPS secretary general, participated in the joint APS/EPS historic site ceremony at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, USA.

17-18 November 2016: The Executive Committee of the International Association of Physics Students met at the EPS Secretariat in Mulhouse, France.

21 November 2016: Christophe Rossel organized, at the IBM Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon, Switzerland, a Quantum Experience event based on

IBM’s experimental quantum computing platform in the cloud, for Swiss Physics students and YM members of the EPFL and ETHZ.

22 November 2016: David Lee, EPS secretary general, and Frédéric Burr, EPL staff editor, participated in the EPL Strategy Plan meeting in Bristol, United Kingdom.

29 November 2016: Christophe Rossel together with David Lee and Luc Bergé, met at the EPS Secretariat to discuss strategies for attracting more associate members.

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