PiA – Physics in Advent

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With "PiA – Physics in Advent", we created a special and unique kind of Advent calendar: a physics Advent calendar. We introduce young scientists, and anyone else who is interested, to 24 simple and yet ingenious experiments and physics puzzles. They will arouse interest in doing experiments for yourself and ignite excitement in any observer.

PiA - Physics in Advent
PiA – Physics in Advent

From 1-24 December 2016, a daily video clip will present a short experiment. You can do the experiment yourself at home and answer the question on our web page throughout the day before seeing the solution video the next day.

In addition to fun with experiments, you can also win prizes. We draw prizes among the best participants in the categories of individuals, and also among the best school classes and schools. Furthermore, every participant or every participating team or class receives a certificate with their achievements for downloading and printing out. Participation in the "PiA – Physics in Advent" is free.

More information can be found on the website of PiA.

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