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The Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers [CESRA] held its triennial workshop in Orleans, France, from 13-17 June 2016.

The CESRA2016 workshop was attended by around 60 participants from 20 countries, and had a special emphasis on the complementarity of space-based and ground-based radio observations, and provided the community a place to discuss the exciting new science opportunities that arise from, for example, the Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus missions, the new and future radio instruments like ALMA, E-OVSA, EVLA, LOFAR, MUSER, and SKA, and the plans to design and build a European spectroheliograph.

The interesting workshop presentation will feature in the forthcoming CESRA highlights of Solar Radio Physics.

The highlights are short communications written in language accessible to a non-expert in the specific area. The highlights can be followed, discussed at:

For more information see:

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