EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities August 2016

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11 August 2016: Christophe Rossel, EPS president, David Lee, EPS secretary general, and Walter Van Doninck of EPS met in Brussels with the head of the Max Planck Gesellschaft [MPG] Office and with the staff of the EuCheMS Office.

21-26 August 2016: Soria Amri, Ahmed Ouarab and Ophélia Fornari, from the EPS secretariat, attended the Europhoton 2016 conference in Vienna.

22 August 2016: Luc Bergé, member of the EPS Executive Committee, chaired the Board Meeting of the Quantum Electronics and Optics Division of EPS in Vienna, Austria.

22 August 2016: EPLA Extraordinary General Assembly meeting in Basel to sign the final version of the Articles of Association of Europhysics Letters (registration in Basel).

23-25 August 2016: Christophe Rossel participated in the annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society [SPS] in Lugano, chairing a session on strongly correlated systems and overlooking the EPL best poster prize session in presence of Graeme Watt, Executive editor of EPL.

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