EPS Executive & Staff activity for May 2016

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3 May 2016: Christophe Rossel, EPS President and David Lee, EPS Secretary General, met with Christine Gangloff-Ziegler, President of the University of Mulhouse [UHA] and Anne Boraud, Director of the Documentation Center of UHA to discuss the EPS-UHA relationship with respect to the future ‘Learning Center’ to be built on the UHA campus.

10 May 2016: David Lee, EPS Secretary General attended the partners meeting for CREATIONS in Athens, GR.

18 May 2016: Christophe Rossel participated in the General Assembly of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences [SATW] in Spiez, CH.

26-27 May 2016: The EPS Executive Committee met in Brussels, BE.

26 May 2016: Christophe Rossel presided the meeting of the EPS Divisions & Groups chairs in Brussels, BE.

27 May 2016:  Ahmed Ouarab, IT manager at the EPS secretariat, met with J. Cousty and A. Hamraoui (both teaching physics at the University Paris V) as well as with  M. Mabrouki and H. Latrache, teachers at the University and S. Moulay of Beni Mellal, Morocco. They worked on a project of training for students around the creation of a low-cost microscope (Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes, Atomic Force Microscopes).

30 May 2016: David Lee, EPS Secretary General attended the SESAME Council Meeting in Brussels, BE.

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