EPS Executive Committee meeting in Brussels

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The EPS Executive Committee met in Brussels on 17-20 October 2015. The meeting was chaired by the EPS President, C. Rossel. The Members of the Executive Committee present were: A. Bracco, L. Di Ciaccio, A. Friberg, Z. Fulop, C. Hidalgo, G. Leuchs, E. Rachlew, M. Reiffers and F. Saunders. Excused were J. Dudley, T. Müller, and S. Sotiriou. Invited were E. van Groningen, C. Latimer, D. Lee, and V. Velasco.

The agenda included items on the EPS elections, Divisions and Groups and the preparation of Council 2016. A short summary is available to all EPS Members here.

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