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2nd Art, Science, City International Conference 2015 – Barcelona, Spain

The 2nd Art, Science, City International Conference will take place on 22-23 October 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. This conference aims to promote interdisciplinary research on techno-scientific culture in contemporary societies and its impact on the lifestyles, paying special attention to the impact of imaging technologies in urban contexts.

The general topic “Light, more light ! = Visuality :: Energy :: Connectivity” was chosen specially for the International Year of Light 2015. Conference participants will have the opportunity to meet companies and research organisations which are actively developing light-based technologies. It will be a space for technology demonstrations and information boards which will encourage and facilitate the meeting of universities, business, local associations and institutions.

Visit the conference website at

Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light in Munich, Germany

The opening ceremony for International Year of Light in Germany will take place on 27 February 2015 and will also see the re-opening of the planetarium of the Deutsches Museum Munich. 250  participants are invited to this event that will start with a speech by Edward Georg Krubasik, President of the German Physical Society, followed by a series of talks by scientists and industrialists, and the opening of the planetarium. 

Visit the German website for IYL 2015 at

ARTE Future – a TV series on tomorrow’s light technologies

Within the framework of the International Year of Light 2015, the French-German television ARTE programmed a series dedicated to light-based technologies. The French physicist Etienne Klein will meet researchers and speak about tomorrow’s applications involving light in a series of ten episodes called “Avatars de Lumière”.

See the teaser of the series started on 20 February 2015 at

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