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Coleman-Weinberg mechanism in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
by Shun Uchino 2014 EPL 107 30004 Shun Uchino 2014 EPL 107 30004

It is argued that a continuous quantum phase transition between different ordered phases in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates predicted by the mean-field theory is vulnerable to quantum fluctuations. By analyzing Lee-Huang-Yang corrections in the condensate, we demonstrate that the so-called Coleman-Weinberg mechanism takes place in such a transition, that is, the transition becomes of the first order by quantum fluctuations. A jump to be expected in this first-order transition is induced by a correction from density fluctuations despite a transition between different magnetic properties with keeping condensation. We exemplify this with an experimentally relevant case and show that a measurement of a condensate depletion can be utilized to confirm the first-order transition.

Spin force and intrinsic spin Hall effect in spintronics systems
by Cong Son Ho et al, 2014 EPL 107 37005

We investigate the spin Hall effect (SHE) in a wide class of spin-orbit coupling systems by using the spin force picture. We derive the general relation equation between spin force and spin current and show that the longitudinal force component can induce a spin Hall current, from which we reproduce the spin Hall conductivity obtained previously using Kubo’s formula. This simple spin force picture gives a clear and intuitive explanation for SHE.

Casimir force between liquid metals
by R. Esquivel-Sirvent and J. V. Escobar, 2014 EPL 107 40004

We present a theoretical calculation of the Casimir force between liquid metals at room temperature using as case studies mercury (Hg) and eutectic indium gallium (EInGa). The surface tension of the liquids creates surfaces of zero roughness that are truly equipotential, an ideal characteristic for Casimir force experiments. As we show the dielectric properties of Au, EInGa and Hg are very similar and the difference on the Casimir force between Au and EInGa and Au and Hg is less than 4%. Based on these results, a modification of the IUPUI experiment for detecting deviations of Newtonian gravity is proposed.

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