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The Executive Committee of the European Physical society met in Mulhouse, France, on 24 June 2014. This was the first meeting after the elections at Council. In addition to appointing officers, the Executive Committee discussed better communication with Member Societies and Divisions and Groups. Each Member of the Executive Committee acts as a privileged contact to a set of Member Societies and Divisions and Groups.

Executive Committee at the EPS secretariat
Executive Committee at the EPS secretariat

Among the other items on the agenda were EPS statements, and EPS Action Committees. EPS Members can access summary of the Executive Committee Meeting on the EPS website.

For memory, the current members of the Executive Committee are:

  • J. Dudley – President
  • C. Rossel – President–elect
  • G. Leuchs – Honorary Treasurer
  • L. Di Ciaccio – Honorary Secretary of the Executive Committee
  • A. Bracco
  • A. Friberg
  • Z. Fülöp
  • C. Hidalgo
  • J. Hough
  • T. Müller
  • E. Rachlew
  • M. Reiffers
  • S. Sotiriou

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