Channeling 2014

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The 6th International Conference “Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena” [Channeling 2014] will be held in Capri, Italy, from 5-10 October 2014.

Channeling 2014 is the opportunity for a wide interdisciplinary community to gain information about present and future research projects in the field of relativistic/non-relativistic beams and various radiations interaction in solids as well as radiation flux propagation in micro- and nanochannel structures. In particular, this conference series has proven its importance both for experts and for young scientists with an interest in undertaking new investigations following the foreseen development of next generation accelerators and photon sources.

The conference scientific program will include invited talks, oral and poster presentations as well as informal discussion round tables on the following topics: coherent scattering of relativistic charged particles in strong fields; relativistic and nonrelativistic crystal channelling, volume capture and volume reflection of hadron and lepton beams; electromagnetic radiation by relativistic charged particles in periodic structures; channelling of radiations in capillary; novel techniques for beams handling and acceleration; advanced x-ray and neutron optics; applications based on channelling phenomena.

Further information is available on Channeling 2014 website.

Channeling 2014 is an EPS Sponsored conference, benefitting from the EPS support.

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