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IYL2015 Poster
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Year of Light Volunteers needed!

The International Year of Light 2015 [IYL2015] is rapidly gaining momentum and the EPS, along with other partners and societies, is beginning to plan how it can best communicate the aims of IYL2015 to the world.

The activities that will be planned during IYL2015 need organisation, and while the EPS and other society staff will be working hard to ensure that things run smoothly, we also need committed and enthusiastic volunteer scientists and students to help us prepare educational material, content for the website, blogs and to participate as helpers and speakers in events that will take place during 2015.

If you are committed to outreach and inspired by the science of light, please contact the EPS secretariat with contact details and we will put you in our volunteer database for 2015. A few lines or a short CV summarizing outreach experience would be very helpful.

IYL2015 partner CIE announces Global Open Lab Days Initiative

The International Year of Light is an initiative of a large consortium of scientific bodies together with UNESCO. The International Commission on Illumination [CIE] is proud to support this endeavour. CIE is the premier global organization in the science and art of light and lighting and it has an immense wealth of expertise: people and networks in a variety of disciplines, brought together nationally, regionally, and globally. CIE plans different activities at global and national level, and a central event will be the Global Open Lab Day [IYL-GOLD].

Around the world, laboratories will open their doors to the general public, demonstrating what measuring light is about and why it matters. This includes national metrology institutes, industrial laboratories, universities and public testing laboratories. However, the IYL-GOLD is not limited to lighting measurement labs: all laboratories dealing with light, lighting, optical radiation, laser, astronomy and other related topics are cordially invited to participate!

In order to promote a high profile for the event, the IYL-GOLD will take place over one day or several days, as decided by the individual laboratory, within a proposed range of dates, from 9-25 May 2015. Each laboratory that would like to participate is asked to submit their relevant information (including proposed date(s) and opening time, location, short abstract, hyperlink to their webpage, contact person, etc.) to the organizing committee. Registration is free of charge.

The proposals are reviewed and entered into the IYL-GOLD-database made accessible to the general public through the CIE webpage. If possible, the information will also be made available to the public through an App for smart-phones and tablets. Laboratories taking part in the event can make use of the IYL-GOLD logo to promote their event.

CIE National Committees will also be encouraged to promote the event within their region. This includes contacting universities and other educational institutions to encourage participation as well as other forms of publicity. Other national organizations and individual laboratories are also welcome to promote the event. For example a laboratory may like to contact nearby universities or secondary schools and arrange a date for lab tours.

The proposed dates for IYL-GOLD are from 9-25 May 2015. Individual laboratories can decide which day or days that they would like to be open, depending on their programme and availability.

Registration will open soon on the CIE website. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact CIE ciecb [at] cie [dot] co [dot] at. CIE looks forward to your participation in this exciting event to help promote the understanding of the various aspects of light around the world!

Romanian Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics project

2015 is a special year for the Romanian physics community: the completion of the first stage of Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics [ELI-NP] project during the International Year of Light. The Romanian Physical Society will celebrate this double event by a series of actions:

  • A special night show celebrating IYL2015 and the completion of the first stage of the ELI-NP project will be held in June 2015 in a public place/parc in Bucharest.
  • A permanent exhibition related to lasers and photonic applications in science, industry and everyday life will be organised.
  • A national workshop on ultrashort high power lasers systems in Magurele, Romania, where the recently commissioned 1 PW Laser from the Integrated Center for Advanced Laser Technologies [CETAL] will be organized and ELI-NP project will be presented. Partners from various institutes, universities and SME’s will attend the event.
  • A special page on the Society’s web site will be created, where all the actions organised at international and national level in the frame of IYL2015 will be displayed.
  • A special issue of the journal Romanian Reports in Physics will be published in 2015, with papers on related topics of IYL.
  • The 11th edition of the ROMOPTO International Conference (organized every 3 years) on lasers and optics will be organized in September 2015 under the auspices of IYL2015.
  • The traditional yearly Conferences organized by SPIE and OSA Student chapter Romanian branches, International Conference “Modern Laser Applications” [INDLAS] and “International Students Conference on Photonic” [ISCP], will be organized under the auspices of the IYL2015.
  • A large advertisement will take place all over the country, including specific posters installed in schools, universities, and also in other public places.

Download EPS IYL2015 Poster

A new poster has been produced by EPS to promote IYL2015 in your institutes, labs and homes! Download the high resolution PDF here.

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