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A Tribute to Jean Perrin1
by Henk Kubbinga

Nineteenth century’s physics was primarily a molecular physics in the style of Laplace. Maxwell had been guided by Laplace’s breathtaking nebular hypothesis and its consequences for Saturn. Somewhat later Van der Waals drew upon his analysis of capillarity. The many textbooks of Biot perpetuated the molecularism involved in all this. Jean Perrin, then, proposed a charmingly simple proof for the well-foundedness of the molecular theory (1908).

Can comments cause citations? Yes, they can!2
by Michael Schreiber

Commented EPL papers attract more citations than the average number of citations to EPL publications. Should an author of a publication be worried or thankful, when the Editorial Office sends him a Comment for consideration? The usual initial reaction is probably concern, because such a Comment normally contains criticism of the original paper. On the other hand it means that the author of the Comment has seriously examined the paper and found it worth the effort to prepare a Comment.

A look inside white OLEDs3
by Peter Bobbert and Reinder Coehoorn.

White organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for lighting are finding their way to the market. These OLEDs have organic layers of only a few nanometres thick. Improving their efficiency and stability requires nanometre-precision information about where the light is emitted. Reconstruction of the emission profile from the measured emission and molecular-scale modelling provide a unique nanoscale look inside white OLEDs.

On inverse problemes in physics4
by Georges Jobert.

Despite its great practical importance, the theory of inverse problems remains poorly known. Indeed, physics was built by solving direct problems: from a given model to the corresponding measurable data. The opposite approach: from observed data to model parameters – the solution of an ‘inverse’ problem – is not so easy. It is, however, essential in many fields.

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