CERN Council hosts EPS presentation on the impact of physics to the economies of Europe

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On 21 June 2013, at the open session of the CERN Council, EPS Vice president L. Cifarelli was invited by CERN Council President A. Zalewska to make a presentation of the recent independent analysis commissioned by EPS from the Centre for Economics and Business Research [Cebr] on the importance of physics – in terms of physics-based industries – to the economies of Europe.

Executive Summary of the report on the importance of physics to the economies of Europe
Report on the importance of physics
to the economies of Europe

The report, using statistics available in the public domain through Eurostat, covers 29 European countries – the EU27 countries, plus Norway and Switzerland. Under examination is the 4-year period 2007-2010, 2010 being the most recent year for which official data are simultaneously available for all these countries. See also a previous news item in e-EPS.

This presentation of the EPS/Cebr analysis was well received by the representatives of the CERN Directorate and Management, the delegates of the 20 CERN Members States and a number of distinguished observers attending the session, to whom the executive summary of the final EPS/Cebr report had been made available. A clear interest was indeed expressed.

The EPS presentation followed a presentation by S. Michalowski, Executive Secretary of the OECD Global Science Forum [GSF], on the progress report of a study by GSF on the impact of CERN on society at large. In particular, the development by CERN of accelerators for hadron therapy (for cancer treatment) and of superconducting magnets for various applications was highlighted.

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