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The first meeting of the EPS Executive Committee under the presidency of John Dudley was held at EPS premises in Mulhouse, France, on 8 June 2013.

The EPS secretariat building
The EPS secretariat building

During this meeting, a longer discussion was devoted to the drafts of various EPS statements. As a federation and a learned society, EPS issues statements on actual topics of science policy. The mechanism to achieve consensus requires coordination and compromise. A statement on Open Access, prepared with other European Learned Societies as a follow-up of the Round-Table held at EPS council is being considered. This paper will be distributed to Members Societies, and Divisions and Groups for their input.

Concerning EPS publications, 2013 is also a year of transition. The Executive Committee invited the new Editor in Chief of EPL, Giorgio Benedek, who briefly presented a draft of a 10-point Action Plan to increase the visibility of the journal.

In 2012, the Executive Committee has started a process of renovation of its Action Committees. The majority of the committees has been reviewed and terms of reference were endorsed.

A full summary of the deliberation of the EPS Executive Committee is available to EPS Individual Members.

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