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European Physical Society: get involved!

Dear Readers,

In almost all discussions with colleagues and students about membership in a learned society the question is asked: “what’s in it for me?” Besides the purely philosophical answer, there are many practical reasons for why membership in a learned society can be a fundamental asset for every scientist.

The European Physical Society [EPS] is a platform for your activities and a voice for your interests: are you affected by the decreasing number of physics students? Is energy your concern? Are you interested in the Bologna process and its consequences? Do you have a solidarity project with a developing country? Would you like to struggle for diversity issues?

Joining forces with colleagues – from different backgrounds and from every European country – will strengthen your workforce...

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2012 European Physical Society Council

Representatives from all European Physical Society [EPS] Member Societies, Divisions and Groups met for the 2012 EPS Council, which was held on 30-31 March at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland.

As with every even year, elections were a major item on the agenda. John Dudley, of France’s Université de Franche-Comté, was elected the incoming president of the EPS. Dudley is a past chair of the EPS Quantum Electronics and Optics Division, and was the initial proposer for the International Year of Light.

The EPS Strategy Plan 2010+ caused some changes in governance: in particular concerning the composition of the Executive Committee, which will gain more members. Four members of the committee were re-elected for a second term (C Biscari, E de Wolf, M Knoop and C Latimer) and seven new members (G Djordjevic, Z Fulop, C Hidalgo, J Hough, J Lister, T Müller, S Sotiriou) will join the committee for its next meeting in June this year...

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2012 EPS Forum Physics and Society

The 5th meeting of the European Physical Society’s Forum Physics and Society [FPS] was held at CERN on 28-29 March this year. The event, which focussed on the topic of “physicists in the market place”, was held prior to the 2012 European Physical Society [EPS] Council...

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2012 Euroscience Open Forum travel grants

A number of travel grants are currently available to attend the 2012 Euroscience Open Forum [ESOF2012], which is being held in Dublin on 11-15 July this year. Held biennially, ESOF is a pan-European meeting dedicated to scientific research and innovation...

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LHC delivers collisions at record energy

After a three-month winter maintenance stop, the Large Hadron Collider [LHC] at CERN resumed operation, with beams, on 14 March. Two days later, low intensity beams were accelerated to 4 TeV for the first time, achieving a new world record...

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EPS Individual Member travel grants

A limited number of grants are available for European Physical Society [EPS] Individual Members to attend EPS Europhysics and sponsored conferences.

Those with an accepted oral or poster contribution to the conference are eligible...

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2012 EPS University Student Fellowships

Three University Student Fellowships – of 2,000 euros each – are available from the European Physical Society [EPS] in 2012. The EPS fellowships are given to promising young physics students in recognition of academic excellence...

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For Women In Science Awards call

Nominations are open for the 2013 “For Women in Science” L’OREAL-UNESCO Awards in the Physical Sciences. The five awards – of $100,000 each – are given in recognition of outstanding contributions to scientific advancement...

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European Physical Society launches women’s award

The European Physical Society is pleased to announce a new quarterly award celebrating women in physics. The excellence award, which is to be presented by the EPS Gender Equality in Physics Committee, will be given in recognition of female physicists who show excellence in research...

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SESAME receives funding agreement for 2012-2016

Four members of Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East [SESAME] – Iran, Israel, Jordan and Turkey – have agreed to each provide contributions of $5 million USD towards the construction of the facility over the next four years...

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Russian Academy elects Ducloy Foreign Member

Martial Ducloy has been elected Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in recognition of both his contributions to the field of coherent optics, laser physics and laser spectroscopy, and his long-lasting scientific collaboration with Russian institutes in the fields of Laser Metrology, and Nonlinear and Quantum Optics...

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AAAS launches ‘Science & Diplomacy’ online quarterly

A new online quarterly, Science & Diplomacy, has been launched by the Center for Science Diplomacy of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [AAAS]. The publication, which contains articles, editorials, letters and perspectives...

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Physics Students in UK Higher Education report

The Institute of Physics has published a new statistical report, ‘Physics Students in UK Higher Education Institutions’. The document provides an overview of students in undergraduate, masters and doctoral programmes, in physics and a select number of other subjects, in the United Kingdom...

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EPN’s ‘Physics in Daily Life’ column available in new book

Full of charm and intellectual curiosity, Jo Hermans’ delightful ‘Physics in Daily Life’ columns have finally been published together in a new compendium. Featuring illustrations by Wiebke Drenckhan...

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Featured in EPN

Featuring in the latest issue of EPN:

A brief history of the Coriolis force

The Quark-Gluon Plasma, a nearly perfect fluid

Wind energy research: development of advanced design tools

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Hot Quarks 2012 workshop

The 2012 Hot Quarks workshop will be held in Copamarina, Puerto Rico, on 14-20 October this year. The event is aiming to enhance information exchange between the younger members of the relativistic heavy ion community...

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Quark Matter 2012

The 23rd International Conference on Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions [Quark Matter 2012] is being held at the in Washington DC, on 13-18 August this year...

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Heavy Ion Collisions in the LHC Era

The Heavy Ion Collisions in the LHC Era international conference will be held in Quy Nhon, central Vietnam, from 15-20 July this year...

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2012 EPS/ICPP conference

The 39th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics and the 16th International Congress on Plasma Physics will be held at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm on 2-6 July this year...

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