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Editorial – Conference Commitment

One of the central activities of any scientific society is to organise conferences and meetings for its members. The European Physical Society [EPS] has just hosted one of its most successful conferences ever in Munich where the European Conference on Lasers and Electro optics and the International Quantum Electronics Conference...

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New Chair for Quantum Electronics and Optics Division

Luc Bergé, Director of Research and laboratory head at the French Atomic Energy Commission [CEA] has been elected the new chair of the European Physical Society’s Quantum Electronics and Optics Division [QEOD], succeeding Professor Markus Pollnau...

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A “wireless” historic site

On 26 May 2013, a new EPS Historic Site was inaugurated in Pontecchio di Sasso Marconi (Bologna), Italy, the 6th since the beginning of this EPS initiative.

The site is “Villa Griffone”, located on the hills nearby Bologna, a beautiful residence, which belonged to the Marconi family. The inauguration of...

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Energetically join the 3rd European Energy Conference

The 3rd European Energy Conference will be held from 27-30 October 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. This conference is one of the key contributions to EPS initiatives in energy. The third edition is jointly organised with...

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EPS ExCom: statements, publications and action committees

The first meeting of the EPS Executive Committee under the presidency of John Dudley was held at EPS premises in Mulhouse, France, on 8 June 2013.
During this meeting, a longer discussion was devoted to...

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10 Years of the SEENET-MTP

Under the the aegis and with the suppport of the European Physical Society [EPS], the Kick-off Meeting of the EPS Committee of European Integration [EPS-CEI] and the Balkan Workshop BW2013 – Beyond Standard Models in Cosmology and Particle...

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Hetland to receive EPS-PED Award for Secondary School Teaching

The Physics Education Division selected Karl Thorstein Hetland, West Telemark Secondary School, Norway, as this year’s recipient of its Secondary School Teaching Award....

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New funding for SESAME

Representatives of the members of SESAME met at the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] in Vienna on 28-29 May 2013 for the 22nd meeting of the Council. This was the first Council meeting in which China participated as an Observer...

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New President of the Netherlands Physical Society

The Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging – The Netherlands Physical Society [NNV] organised its first on-line presidential elections in March 2013. All NNV members were invited to vote for the candidates. In total 360 members did so – about 10% of all members. Professor Jan van Ruitenbeek received 54%...

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Nominate a deserving (woman) physicist

This year, the European Physical Society [EPS] launched the Emmy Noether Distinction for Women in Physics to recognize noteworthy women physicists.

Emmy Noether was a mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact in physics, and a role model...

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Physicists peer into hydrogen atom using quantum microscope

An international team of physicists has directly observed for the first time the orbital structure of an excited hydrogen atom by building a quantum-like microscope. This device allowed them to gaze deep inside the hydrogen atom by magnifying...

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A seminar on “rare earths” for a sustainable Earth

The Young Minds Section of Catania, Italy, had the pleasure to invite Prof. Andries Meijerink, from Utrecht University, for a seminar on rare earths. He has contributed significantly to the development of this field through his research and publications. Rare Earths are also called Lanthanides, derived from the Greek word "λανθανειν"...

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Assisting education in the EU countries under serious economic pressure

The EPS Executive Committee supports a widespread dissemination through its e-EPS newsletter of the following appeal, which is integrally reproduced...

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Lecture Notes of the Joint EPS-SIF School on Energy

The first course of the Joint EPS-SIF International School on Energy was successfully held in Varenna, Italy, in the 2012 summer.

The course, centred on “New Strategies for Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage”, gathered a vigorous team of over 15 lecturers who...

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Featured in EPN

Most recent highlights from EPN:

The SRB solar thermal panel by C. Benvenuti
The force of a tiny synthetic machine by Tiziana Svaldo-Lanero and Anne-Sophie Duwez
Making the Elements in the Universe by Karlheinz Langanke and Friedrich-Karl Thielemann

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