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Editorial – European physicists

My name is Peter and I am the Chairperson of the European Physical Society/History of Physics (EPS/HoP) Group.

A visit to the Parlamentarium at the European Parliamentin Brussels showed me that the striking accents of the exhibition focus on the commonness of European politics and economics, but, where Europe’s shared cultural heritage was illustrated, there was little to be found on the topics of natural sciences and their great discoveries.

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Kumiko Kotera: doing beautiful physics without giving up on family, art and the rest of the world

Kumiko Kotera is a young researcher in Astrophysics, at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, (IAP) of the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

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Nominations open for the EPS-Quantum Electronics and Optics Division 2017 Prizes

The Quantum Electronics and Optics Division (QEOD) of the European Physical Society (EPS) is soliciting nominations for the biennial Quantum Electronics and Optics Prizes, Fresnel Prizes and Thesis Prizes, which will be presented at the 2017 Edition of the CLEO/Europe-EQEC Conference in Munich ...

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Autumn-January 2017 Emmy Noether distinction to Patricia Bassereau

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Autumn-Winter 2016 EPS Emmy Noether Distinction for Women in Physics goes to Dr. Patricia Bassereau from the Institute Curie of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris, France.

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EuroScience statement

EuroScience, the European grassroots organisation of scientists and other stakeholders in science and innovation, is very concerned about the impact that policies in several countries will have on the key tenets of science: the open exchanges of ideas and people.

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Police horses contribute to research in physics

Recently, fifteen police horses in Gothenburg have contributed to science. They have supported the development of a new method to detect damage in the hooves by using thermoelectric sensors.

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The town meeting at Darmstadt for the NuPECC long range plan

The European nuclear physics community met at Darmstadt (DE) on January 11th-13th to discuss and finalise the NuPECC Long Range Plan (LRP) 2017.

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Report on the First Biology for Physics Conference

The 1st Biology for Physics Conference (BioforPhys17) took place on the 15-18th January 2017 in Barcelona (ES). It was organised by the Small Biosystems laboratory of the ...

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Announcement of the 2017 Dan David Prize Laureates

Announcement of the 2017 Dan David Prize Laureates in the three Time Dimensions: Past Time Dimension, Present Time Dimension and Future Time Dimension.

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European Research Area – Progress Report 2016

The European Research Area (ERA) Progress Report 2016 shows strong progress over the last years on all priorities.

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2017 King Faisal Prize awarded to Daniel Loss and Laurens Molenkamp

The King Faisal Foundation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia awarded the 2017 King Faisal International Prize for Science ...

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IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 2017 – call

Nominations are sought for the Young Scientist Prize in ...

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First evidence for matter-antimatter asymmetries in baryon decays by LHCb

The LHCb collaboration has published today in Nature Physics the first evidence for the violation of the CP symmetry ...

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