6th EPS Young Minds Leadership Meeting

By Araceli Venegas Gomez. Published on 19 June 2017 in:
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The University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) hosted the 6th Young Minds Leadership Meeting (12-13 May 2017) and the 15th Young Minds Action Committee Meeting (11 May 2017).
The meeting was organised by the Physics and Optics Naples Young Students (PONYS), the local European Physical Society (EPS) section, and the Young Minds Action Committee, and was supported by EPS, the Physics Department of Naples University Federico II, the Italian Physical Society (SIF), the local section of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN Napoli), and the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems of the National Research Council (CNR-ISASI).

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Young Minds: connecting to the next gen

By Armand Niederberger. Published on 28 June 2012 in:
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European Physical Society [EPS] Young Minds connects working scientists, divisions and groups with young, proactive scientists from across the globe. In this way, the scientific, outreach and networking activities of EPS members and member societies can be energised and expanded. The EPS Young Minds encourages individuals and organisations to reach out to the next generation and to talk to us – just as the International Association of Physics Students and the junge DPG have already done…

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