Joint EPS-APS Historic Site – The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ

By David Lee. Published on 15 December 2016 in:
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The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), located in Princeton, NJ-USA is one of the world’s foremost centers for curiosity-driven basic research. On 9 November 2016, the European Physical Society (EPS) and the American Physical Society (APS) were pleased to offically recognise the IAS as their first Joint Historic Physics Site in the United States. The text of the citation reads: “Honoring the pivotal contributions of the Institute for Advanced Study to the development of theoretical physics, including the work of Albert Einstein and many others.”

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 News from the EPS 

Is scientific integrity threatened by US sanctions against Iran?

By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 25 August 2014 in:
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Scientific activities are not isolated from the societal activities. Economic crisis, wars, support grants, policy etc. can influence working conditions for scientists.
Recently, the US strengthened its trade restrictions with Iran, stemming from the US policy against “targeted foreign countries […], those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.” The restrictions recommend US publishers of scientific journals to avoid the publication of scientific papers submitted by Iranian scientists…

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APS Sexual and Gender Diversity Issues in Physics

By Elena Long. Published on 15 February 2012 in:
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A special session on ‘Sexual and Gender Diversity Issues in Physics’ will be held, as part of the March 2012 meeting of the American Physical Society, on the 28 February, in Boston. The event, which aims to draw attention to these issues, will feature talks and panel discussions on research outreach, and advocacy for greater inclusion and visibility of gender and sexual minorities in physics.

Planned talks include: “Shattering the Lavender Ceiling: Sexual Minorities in Physics”, “The State of Higher Education…

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