24-hour broadcast about space on Asteroid Day

By e-EPS. Published on 19 June 2017 in:
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ESA, JAXA and NASA join Prof. Brian Cox, astronauts, esteemed scientists and technologists on June 30, to create a global conversation about asteroids.

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EU Space Awareness: Inspiring a new generation of Space Explorers

By Jorge. Published on 24 January 2017 in:
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The EU Space Awareness Project [EUSPACE-AWE] – funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme – uses the excitement of space to attract young people to science and technology and to stimulate European and global citizenship. The main goal of the project is to increase the number of young people that choose space-related careers.

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A breakfast at ESA

By e-EPS. Published on 27 January 2015 in:
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On 16 January 2015, ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain met the press to provide an overview of ESA’s achievements in 2014 and the opportunities ahead in 2015. The event took place at ESA headquarters in Paris, France.
After a successful Council meeting at Ministerial level, held on 2 December, 2015 will be another year when ESA launches missions that cover all the domains of the space sector, in partnership and cooperation with other European institutions and industry, demonstrating the strength of the European space programme.
Within human spaceflight, the year will start with the undocking from the International Space Station of ATV Georges …

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First of ESA’s new generation of astronauts arrived at ISS

By Jorge Rivero González. Published on 26 July 2013 in:
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On 29 May 2013, Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency [ESA], arrived on the International Space Station [ISS] on a Soyuz rocket launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. At age 36, he is the youngest person selected for an extended-duration stay on the station as well as the first of the ESA’s new generation of astronauts to be on board the ISS.

L. Parmitano, together with Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, will be…

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By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 26 October 2012 in:
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The 4th International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space [SpacePart12] will be held on 5-7 November 2012 at CERN. The event, part of a series, which has been held since 2002, brings together space scientists and space policy makers from around the world to exchange views on the developments of space related science and technology programs.
Scientific topics of SpacePart12 will be: the 100th anniversary of Cosmic Ray discovery; status and open issues linking particle physics and the observation of the universe; the multi-messenger universe; the dark universe; …

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2012 Committee on Space Research award winners

By Ian Randall. Published on 19 July 2012 in:
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The Committee on Space Research [COSPAR] has announced the winners of the 2012 COSPAR awards. The prizes – which recognise exceptional contributions to the field of space science – will be presented at the 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, which is being held in Mysore, India, on 14-22 July this year.

The 2012 COSPAR awards include such distinctions as the International Cooperation Medal, the Space Science Award and the COSPAR Distinguished Service Medal…

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