A gender inversion for the Solvay picture at the 103th annual congress of SIF

By Angela Bracco. Published on 26 September 2017 in:
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Within the annual congress of the Italian Physical Society (SIF) the entire morning of September 14 was dedicated to two very interesting round tables, one  organized by the University of Trento  (Chiara La Tessa and Alessandra Saletti) on “Research: which opportunities are there  for women” and another organized organized by SIF (Luisa Cifarelli) on “Physics, singular feminine”.

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Editorial – Happy Birthday SIF!

By Rüdiger Voss. Published on 20 July 2017 in:
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One of the oldest, most prestigious and most active member societies of the EPS, the Società Italiana die Fisica (SIF), is celebrating its 120th birthday in 2017.

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Light & Life

By Luisa Cifarelli, Giancarlo Righini. Published on 22 September 2015 in:
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“Light & Life” was the title of an international symposium held with great success on 21 and 22 July in the prestigious setting of Villa Monastero (Varenna, Lake Como, Italy). The reports presented by Italian and foreign experts – among them Robert A. Lieberman, President Elect of SPIE, the International Society for Optics & Photonics -, and which are now available on the website of the Italian Physical Society (SIF), embraced many areas of basic and applied research based on light sources (from the Sun to common light bulbs, from extreme power lasers to synchrotrons) and their effects (in analysis and investigation techniques, such as microscopy and sensor technology, as well as directly on biological processes).

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 IYL 2015 

SIF Fermi Prize to microelectronics

By Luisa Cifarelli. Published on 27 November 2014 in:
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In 2001, the SIF established the prestigious “Enrico Fermi” Prize, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the great scientist. This prize is given annually to one or more individuals who have specially influenced physics with their discoveries.
A commission of experts appointed by the SIF and the major research institutions in Italy, namely CNR, INAF, INFN, INGV, INRIM and the Fermi Centre, selects the winner among a list of candidates and forwards the proposal to the Council of the SIF for final approval …

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Galileo Galilei on stage

By Giovanni Batignani. Published on 24 October 2014 in:
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How can a theatre performance on science be enthusiastically attended by about 900 physicists and non-physicist as well? How can an entire audience, with different cultural background, experience a lovely full immersion in the world of physics? On 23rd September 2014, at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa the Società Italiana di Fisica (SIF) presented a performance on Galileo Galilei titled “Io Dico l’Universo – Letture Galileiane”. The piece was a magic mix of readings, renaissance songs, pictures and short clips. A sample of Galilei’s scientific texts were marvelously read by the famous Italian actor, Giulio Scarpati, whose warm interpretation revealed and enhanced the beauty of Galilei’s scientific…

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International Year of Light News

By SIF secretariat, Sze-leung Cheung. Published on 25 August 2014 in:
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SIF launched an IYL 2015 webpage
On the occasion of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies in 2015 [IYL 2015], the Italian Physical Society [SIF] is acting as “contact hub” for a number of national learned societies and of national research…
Dark Skies awareness activities
The IAU will promote 5 cornerstone projects (namely Quality Lighting Teaching Kits, Cosmic Light EDU, Light: Beyond the Bulb, Cosmic Light Awareness, and the Galileoscope) to promote the dark skies awareness (as mentioned in..

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 IYL 2015