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By e-EPS. Published on 25 July 2014 in:
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Most recent highlights from EPL:
Black-hole entropy from complex Ashtekar variables by E. Frodden et al.
From the sine-Gordon field theory to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growth equation by Pasquale Calabrese et al.
Evidence for a Bose-Einstein condensate of excitons by Mathieu Alloing et al.
Subharmonic oscillations of collective molecular motors by D. Oriola et al.
Uncovering temporal transitions and self-organization during slow aging of dense granular media in the absence of…

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By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 27 February 2013 in:
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The 11th European Conference on Atoms, Molecules, and Photons [ECAMP11] will be held in the University of Aarhus, Denmark, from 24-28 June 2013.

The triennial ECAMP conference series, launched in 1981, is the major conference of the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Division [AMOPD] of the European Physical Society [EPS]. This series of conferences seeks to promote the dissemination and exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics…

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SIF Fermi Prize to Car and Parrinello

By Alessandro Bettini & Luisa Cifarelli. Published on 26 September 2012 in:
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The 2012 Enrico Fermi Prize of the Italian Physical Society [SIF] has been awarded in the field of condensed matter physics to Roberto Car, of Princeton University, and Michele Parrinello, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, for “the discovery of a Molecular Dynamics method known the world over as the Car-Parrinello method. This method has been a breakthrough in the field of numerical simulations, with great impact in many interdisciplinary contexts both theoretical and experimental, ranging from Material Science to Chemistry and Biology”…

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