Higgs boson: the winner takes it all?

By Katarina Anthony. Published on 26 May 2015 in:
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This article is a republication from the CERN Bulletin. Since its discovery in 2012, the Higgs boson has been in the spotlight for both experimentalists and theorists. In addition to its confirmed role in the mass mechanism, recent papers have discussed its possible role in the inflation of the universe and in the matter-antimatter imbalance.

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A new era in Particle Physics

By Thomas Lohse. Published on 25 October 2013 in:
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These are exciting times. In July 2013, one year after the discovery of a Higgs boson with the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN, about 750 particle physicists met at the international EPS Conference on High Energy Physics in Stockholm. This meeting was organised jointly by the EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Division [EPS-HEPP] and a local organising committee. The anniversary of the Higgs discovery was celebrated with the award of the EPS-HEPP Prize to the ATLAS and CMS collaborations and to M. Della Negra, P. Jenni, and T. Virdee for their leadership roles in these…

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Editorial: Widening our 2020 Horizons

By Luisa Cifarelli. Published on 19 July 2012 in:
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Dear Readers,

The European Physical Society [EPS] has been duly responding to various questionnaires from Brussels, to provide significant input to the European Union’s scientific policies, namely in: ‘Areas of untapped potential for the development of the European Research Area’ and ‘Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding’.

In particular, the EPS has been repeatedly stressing the importance of investment…

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Higgs? CERN sees new particle consistent with elusive boson

By Ian Randall. Published on 19 July 2012 in:
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CERN’s ATLAS and CMS experiments have observed a new particle – consistent with the elusive Higgs boson – in the mass region around 125-126 GeV/c2, it was announced during a seminar at the Swiss-based laboratory on 4 July.

“The five sigma signal – at around 125 GeV – we’re seeing is dramatic. This is indeed a new particle. We know it must be a boson and it’s the heaviest boson ever found,” said CMS experiment spokesperson Joe Incandela. “The implications are very significant and it is precisely for this reason that we must be extremely diligent in all of our studies…

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