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By Peter M. Schuster. Published on 23 February 2017 in:
February 2017, , ,

My name is Peter and I am the Chairperson of the European Physical Society/History of Physics (EPS/HoP) Group.

A visit to the Parlamentarium at the European Parliamentin Brussels showed me that the striking accents of the exhibition focus on the commonness of European politics and economics, but, where Europe’s shared cultural heritage was illustrated, there was little to be found on the topics of natural sciences and their great discoveries.

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Diving into the secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism

By Gina Gunaratnam. Published on 20 October 2016 in:
October 2016, , , ,

The 2nd International Conference on the History of Physics took place in Pöllau, Austria, from 4-6 September 2016. During the event, Yanis Bitsakis, historian of sciences and member of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project, presented this extraordinary device and the results recently released.

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2nd International Conference on the History of Physics

By e-EPS. Published on 28 July 2016 in:
August 2016, Events, July 2016, , ,

The 2nd International Conference on the History of Physics is organised in Pöllau, Austria, from 5-7 september 2016.

The Steering Committee welcomes you warmly to this second conference in a series that is organised on a worldwide basis. By bringing together historians of science, physicists, science museum staff, lecturers and teachers, as well as others interested in any aspect of the history of physics, it aims to raise the profile of the subject to its rightful place in physics education and research.

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The Federal President of Austria explores the history of physics

By Bénédicte Huchet, Peter M Schuster. Published on 26 September 2013 in:
News, September 2013, , ,

On 16 August 2013, the Federal President of Austria, Dr. H. Fischer and his wife Margit visited the permanent exhibition “Radiation and Mankind” of Echophysics, the history of physics centre located at Poellau Castle, Austria. The exhibit was renovated and expanded in 2013 as part of the development of the Echhophysics centre.

It should have been a strictly private visit to Echophysics and to the V.F. Hess Research and Heritage Centre. Of course, the regional mayors and legislative representatives took the opportunity to join the party, too. Peter Maria Schuster…

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