Report on the First Biology for Physics Conference

By Felix Ritort. Published on 23 February 2017 in:
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The 1st Biology for Physics Conference (BioforPhys17) took place on the 15-18th January 2017 in Barcelona (ES). It was organised by the Small Biosystems laboratory of the University of Barcelona under the auspices of the Division of Physics for Life Sciences (DPL) of the European Physical Society (EPS).

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 News from the EPS 

1st Biology for Physics Conference: Is there new Physics in Living Matter?

By e-EPS. Published on 23 August 2016 in:
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The workshop entitled ¨Biology for Physics: is there new physics in living matter?¨iwill take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 15-18 January 2017. The workshop is organised under the auspices of the Division of Physics for Life Sciences from the European Physical Society [EPS], and will be held at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park [PRBB].

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IOP Topical Research Meeting on Physical Principles of Biological and Active Systems

By e-EPS. Published on 23 November 2015 in:
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Biology is a place where two major themes that currently lie at the frontier of condensed matter physics converge: first, the idea that “more is different” – that is, that interactions in complex systems at one scale lead to fundamentally new emergent principles at a larger scale – and second that a proper understanding nonequilibrium fluctuations is crucial for scientific progress.

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By Bénédicte Huchet. Published on 21 August 2013 in:
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The Quantitative Methods in Gene Regulation II conference [Gene13] will be held from 12-13 December 2013 in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

This meeting, now in its second edition, aims to highlight new biological breakthroughs in this important research area and the crucial contributions from quantitative approaches, both in experiment and modelling.

It will provide a unique opportunity to bring together researchers working in a vasts yet strategic field in disciplines…

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ENLIGHT publishes tenth anniversary Highlights

By Ian Randall. Published on 26 September 2012 in:
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The European Network for Light ion Hadron Therapy [ENLIGHT] has published a tenth anniversary newsletter. The anniversary publication – entitled Highlights – details the progress of the various European Union funded hadron therapy projects which have been launched under the ENLIGHT program.

Launched in 2002, ENLIGHT aims to coordinate European efforts in hadron therapy. It is made up of a partnership of over 300 participants from across 20 different countries, from such diverse backgrounds as…

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