Entropy 2018: From Physics to Information Sciences and Geometry

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The Entropy 2018 conference will take place from 14-16 May 2018 at the Faculty of Geology, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

One of the most frequently used scientific words is “Entropy”. The reason is that it is related to two main scientific domains: physics and information theory. Its origin goes back to the start of physics (thermodynamics), but since Shannon, it has become related to information theory. This conference is an opportunity to bring researchers of these two communities together and create a synergy. The main topics and sessions of the conference cover: 

  • Physics: classical Thermodynamics and Quantum
  • Statistical physics and Bayesian computation
  • Geometrical science of information, topology and metrics
  • Maximum entropy principle and inference
  • Kullback and Bayes or information theory and Bayesian inference
  • Entropy in action (applications)

The inter-disciplinary nature of contributions from both theoretical and applied perspectives are very welcome, including papers addressing conceptual and methodological developments, as well as new applications of entropy and information theory.

Visit the conference website:

  1. Gold 2018
  2. UP 2018: International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena
  3. HOPDSS 2018

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