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The activity entitled “Physics Quiz” took place in the afternoon of the 4th of October at the physics department of the University of Aveiro (PT). This was integrated into the official Physics Day. This is a special day that celebrated the 41st anniversary of the department. Even though the Quiz was supposed to be held during the Christmas celebrations it was decided that its integration in such a special day would have a greater impact in the students who are not aware of our activities.

This effort was rewarded with the participation of many students from different years and different courses of the Physics Department (Physics Engineering, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Computational Engineering and Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics).

Quiz Física
Participants at Quiz Física

Sadly, teachers could not participate since they spent the morning organising other activities included in the celebration of the Physics Department Anniversary and in the afternoon they had to return to their ongoing work.

The session took place in the Physics Auditorium. Eleven teams with three members each competed in the Quiz. There was a total of 40 questions, each one with 4 possible answers. These were Trivia questions, related to Nobel Prizes, birth places of known physicists, inventions, and ground-breaking discoveries. The questions were prepared and discussed with the different students’ associations from the department and the integration program for the new students – IntegrALL.

The questions were presented in PowerPoint and the teams were given 30 seconds to think about the answer and write it on the answer sheet provided. The difficulty level was sequentially increased, with very easy questions in the beginning and difficult ones at the end.

At the end of the session, prizes were distributed to the top 3 teams.

We conclude that the Quiz was very beneficial for our Young Minds Section. A large number of students are now aware of our activities, which will result in a higher participation in the forthcoming sessions. We are very pleased with the support from the students’ associations and the IntegrALL project. The availability and cooperation of the Physics Department are of great value to our Section.

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