EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities October 2017

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3 October 2017: Gerd Leuchs, EPS Honorary Treasurer, and David Lee, EPS Secretary General, met in Erlangen (DE) to discuss EPS finances.

5 October 2017: Rüdiger Voss, EPS president, and Christophe Rossel, EPS vice-president, participated in the EPS Historic Sites ceremony for the NatLab in Eindhoven (NL) (earlier Philips Research Laboratory)

4-6 October 2017: David Lee attended the OSOS Consortium Meeting in Bayreuth (DE)

10-12 October 2017: David Lee attended the CREATIONS Consortium Meeting in CERN (CH)

12 October 2017: Christophe Rossel participated in the Estonian Presidency Research Policy Conference in Tallinn (Estonia) on European Research Excellence – Impact and Value for Society (Tallinn Call for Action 2017)

13 October 2017: Christophe Rossel  participated, as a member of the Open Science Policy Platform, in the 4th OSPP meeting, Tallinn (Estonia). Discussions were held and recommendations made on expert groups’ reports on Rewards, Skills and on Altmetrics (or Next Generation Metrics) respectively.

13 October 2017: David Lee attended the planning meeting for the International Day of Light in Paris (FR)

23 October 2017: Victor Zamfir, member of the EPS Executive Committee, participated in the Board Meeting of the Nuclear Physics Division held in Bucharest-Magurele, Romania.

26-28 October 2017: Rüdiger Voss chaired the autumn meeting of the EPS Executive Committee which was held in part as a joint meeting with the Chairs of EPS Divisions and Groups at CERN in Geneva, CH.
In the presence of the Divisions’ and Groups’ chairpersons, Luc Bergé, member of the EPS Executive Committee, finalised the documents associated with the new Associate Membership policy of the EPS.

27 October 2017: Frédéric Burr, EPL staff editor, attended an EPL Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

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