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EPL has now begun a periodic series of Focus Issues

These special issuescontain a diverse selection of invited-only articles written by expert researchers, each issue serving to highlight exciting work conducted in active areas of particular current interest identified by the Editorial Board. A member of the Editorial Board will normally serve as Guest Editor for a particular issue. All contributions are free to read while the issue remains open. The requirements for these articles are exactly the same as for regular research letters, as described above.

Focus articles are included in the current online and print issues of the journal.

In 2017, the Open Focus Issue is on “Self-assemblies of Inorganic and Organic Nanomaterials”, with Marie-Paule Pileni as guest editor. The list of contents is regularly updated and  can be found at:

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  2. EPL: Bart van Tiggelen is the new Editor-in-Chief
  3. News from Switzerland

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