“EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize 2018″: call for nominations

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The EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize was established in 2008 by the EPS Plasma Physics Division to acknowledge and promote the many benefits to society that derive from plasma physics research, such as applications in medicine, waste management, material processing or any other areas of societal, industrial or technological applications. The prize is awarded for proven applications outside the realm of plasma physics research, as distinct from promising ideas. Joint awards can be granted to groups of up to 3 researchers

The previous Innovation Prize laureates are:

  • J. Allen and B. Annaratone (2008)
  • E. Marode (2009)
  • U. Czarnetzki (2010)
  • V.A. Litvak, M.K.A. Thumm and K. Sakamoto (2011)
  • E. Stamate (2012)
  • C. Hollenstein (2014)
  • T. von Woedtke and K.D. Weltmann (2016)
  • M. Moisan (2017)

The closing date for receipt of nominations is December 1st, 2017

The completed nomination form should be sent to the Chairperson of the Plasma Physics Division Board of the European Physical Society, Prof. Dr. Richard Dendy, Warwick University, UK, preferably by electronic mail: R [dot] Dendy [at] warwick [dot] ac [dot] uk.

The board treats the nominations fully confidentially and we kindly ask you to do the same.

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