EPS Executive Committee and Staff activities September 2017

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3-6 September 2017: Christophe Rossel, EPS past president, was an invited plenary speaker at ISEM2017 (18th Int. Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics), Chamonix – Mont-Blanc, Switzerland.

11-12 September 2017: Rüdiger Voss, EPS president, and D. Lee, EPS Secretary General ,participated in the Annual Meeting of the Polish Physical Society in Wroclaw, and represented EPS at a meeting of IPSEC (Informal meeting of the Physical Societies of Eastern Countries).

13 September 2017: Rüdiger Voss represented EPS at the inauguration of the HH Wills Laboratory of the University of Bristol (UK) as an EPS Historic Site.

14 September 2017: Brainstorming Meeting for preparation of the meeting with selected Member Societies on 28 September, Brussels (present: Christophe Rossel with Rüdiger Voss, Walter van Donijnk, Luc van Dijk, Carlos Hidalgo.)

19 September 2017: Christophe Rossel chaired the EPLA Board of Directors meeting in Mulhouse. Also present were David Lee and Frédéric Burr, EPL staff editor.

20 September 2017: Frédéric Burr attended the EPL Management Committee Meeting in Mulhouse, France.

22 September 2017: Christophe Rossel participated in the EPN EAB (Advisory Board) meeting in Bossey, Geneva. Also present: David Lee, EPS Secretary General, Xavier De Araujo, EPS graphic designer and Gina Gunaratnam, EPS communication coordinator.

26 September 2017: Rüdiger Voss represented EPS, together with Christophe Rossel, at the inauguration of the IBM Research Laboratories in Rüschlikon (Switzerland) as an EPS Historic Site.

28 September 2017:  Rüdiger Voss chaired a meeting of the EPS with major Member Societies to discuss strategy and policy making for the EPS office in Brussels. David Lee and Christophe Rossel participated in the reflection meeting and gave a short presentation on ‘Open Science and the European Open Science Cloud’.

During September 2017: Luc Bergé, EPS Executive Committee member, organised together with the ExCom Members, a phone campaign in order to reach all Divisions and Groups chairpersons and exchange ideas with them on the next Associate Membership policy of the EPS.

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