Nomination for the EPS Hannes Alfvén Prize 2018

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The call for nomination for the EPS Hannes Alfvén Prize 2018 “For outstanding contributions to plasma physics” is open.

The prize was established by the EPS Plasma Physics Division in 2000 and is awarded for research achievements which have either already shaped the field of plasma physics or have demonstrated the potential to do so in the future. To recognise collaborative research, a group of up to three individual scientists may be nominated.

The previous Alfvén Prize laureates are:

  • R Balescu (2000)
  • V Shafranov (2001)
  • M Rosenbluth (2002)
  • V E Fortov (2003)
  • J W Connor, R J Hastie and J B Taylor (2004)
  • M G Haines, T W L Sandford and V Smirnov (2005)
  • P H Rebut (2006)
  • F Wagner (2007)
  • L Chen (2008)
  • J Meyer-ter-Vehn (2009)
  • A H Boozer and J Nührenberg (2010)
  • P Diamond, A Hasegawa and K Mima (2011)
  • E Parker (2012)
  • M Porkolab (2013)
  • P Mora (2014)
  • N Fisch (2015)
  • S Bulanov and H Zohm (2016)
  • K A Razumova (2017)

The closing date for nominations for the 2018 prize is November 3rd, 2017

The completed nomination form should be sent to the Chair of the Plasma Physics Division Board of the European Physical Society, Prof Richard Dendy, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3DB, U.K., preferably by electronic mail: r [dot] dendy [at] warwick [dot] ac [dot] uk

The board treats all nominations in full confidence and requests that nominators inform only those persons directly involved.

Download the nomination form in doc format or pdf.

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