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As part of the ATTRACT initiative, and co-sponsored by EPS Technology and Innovation Group (TIG), a workshop[1] on new ideas and developments in detection and imaging was held in Tripolis, Greece on May 30th -June 1st . It was hosted by the University of Peloponnese and was entitled “Trends, Wishes and Dreams in Detection and Imaging”. The scope of the workshop was to propose new ideas in detection and imaging technologies with a focus on read-out and data processing systems and to address in particular questions like:

• What new path-breaking technologies or concepts could be developed and used by 2025 for scientific instrumentation?

• What will they represent for industry, business and society?

In the technical presentations, it became apparent that scientists need to develop better ways to access data, organise and reorganise it, visualise it, to finally do sophisticated analytics on it. Prof. Tony Hey from Ada Lovelace Centre (UK) gave a keynote talk and offered his views on how to achieve these goals. Prof. Sergio Bertolucci (Bologna University) then presented the goals of ATTRACT, which is to offer cascade-funding to disruptive ideas in detection and innovation, using scientific instrumentation development work as an engine of innovation.

The keynote talks were followed by short, 10-minute pitches on new ideas. These pitches covered a wide range of topics from next-generation high-performance computing to early detection of forest fires and intelligent risk management systems.

The workshop attracted 30 registered participants from Europe and the US, with a nice mixture of laboratories, universities, funding agencies and industry. More than 50 IT-students from the Peloponnese also attended.

[1] The agenda can be found here.

Participants to the workshop
Participants to the workshop

  1. 2017 IBA-Europhysics Prize Winner

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