2017 EPS Statistical and Nonlinear Physics prizes awarded in Krakow

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The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the Polish statistical physicist Marian Smoluchowski, and on this occasion the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division of EPS organised an anniversary conference in Krakow 3-8 September 2017. Almost 200 statistical physicists from all over the world attended.

A particular highlight was the special award session where the newly created Statistical and Nonlinear Physics prize of the Division was awarded. This year’s prize was shared by Peter Grassberger (KFA Juelich) and Itamar Procaccia (Weizmann Institute Rehovot). The prize winners gave excellent talks addressed to a general audience on ‘What is complexity?’ and ‘A bird’s eye view on nonlinear physics’.

In addition, the Early Career prize of the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics division was awarded, shared by Laura Foini (ENS Paris) and Edgar Roldan (MPIPKS Dresden), who reported in their prize winner talks on generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations and stochastic entropy production.

Overall, this was a highly inspiring meeting at the interface of the latest research developments in statistical and nonlinear physics, complex systems and interdisciplinary applications.

Photos of the award session can be found at:

  1. 2017 IBA-Europhysics Prize Winner

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